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Migrated to Hugo

1/7/2022 2-minute read

How in the hell did I last so long on wordpress?

So when log4j hit last month, I scanned everything I could and I realized my wordpress installation was ancient and the only way to upgrade was to complete spin up a new VM, export my whole site, then reimport with a plug (that by the way, if the site is over 80mb, then you have to pay at least $60). While at the same time I realized my VM was costing ALOT more than before I moved it to GCP.

I was sick of the plugins, of the complicated process and tweaks I have to do. I realized I was probably spending more time tweaking my site (which doesn’t even have many visitors), than I was actually writing content. So I did a quick search and landed on Hugo. My use case is simple. I want a blog I can write, I dont need anything fancy and would prefer a simple process to write. I dont have to worry about hardening my site or updating any security issues anymore.

I just followed Flaviocopes guide here to setup a simple hugo blog and that was it. All the migration tools from wordpress tro hugo were a headache so I just manually copied and pasted my blog into markdown files. It wasn’t too bad. However if you have a lot of content, you might want to consider them.

After copying my site, I deployed to a private github and with a couple clicks and a DNS update I was fully off wordpress and I feel like a free man.

Let the record show one of my first IT gigs was making a wordpress site for churches and I basically flexed my photoshop muscles and made a couple grand when I was in high school. I appreciate WP for being my platform right after college. I find it a little funny, starting out as a kid writing HTML, moving to dreamweaver, then to wordpress, only to end up editing my site in notepad again.