Dream Journal #7: Tests and Crash Landings

I believe a lot of what we dream is regurgitation from the subconscious. Somethings we experience prior to a dream has a large effect on what is contained in the dream.

Championship Goosebumps

I’m not one to usually keep my blog constantly updated, because I’ve started to see many people blog extensively because they enjoy listening to themselves talk way to much and that’s not me. I don’t know exactly how many people read my blog, if any, in fact I don’t even care, because this one, this post is for me. I’ve always used my blog as a way to elucidate my thoughts when my mind is stuck in 6th gear, as it is now. I use it as a mental tack board for thoughts that I just cannot get out of my head. Tonight, is one of those nights I just cannot settle my mind down.