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Dream Journal #7: Tests and Crash Landings

I believe a lot of what we dream is regurgitation from the subconscious.  Somethings we experience prior to a dream has a large effect on what is contained in the dream.

I was at Bocktown the evening before and we all destroyed a Yinzer, a 5lb behemoth pile of fries.  That piled with Nacho Beer cheese, bourbon BBQ sauce, and almost a pound of roast beef.

Well after proving the waitress wrong, we finished it, let alone in under 10 minutes.  We couldn’t finish our orders though.
At around 10:30 we were going to go watch the last showing of The adjustment bureau because it was $5 tuesday.
Thanks to the Yinzer we were so miserably full we just decided to go back home to the apartment, we would have passed out during the movie anyway.
As soon as I got back, I felt like I played in a football game.  With my entire body sore, slow to move, I plopped onto the couch around 11:00pm and realized I need some sleep.  I immediately got up, stumbled into my room, took my ZMA and powerfull and I was out like a light.  I felt that I was going to do a little dreaming, but nothing like this.Date: 3/23/11
Lucid: No, then yesI wish there was someway I could remember the entire dream and not just the second half or just before the point of lucidity.  I had the feeling like I experienced deep emotional conversations with someone else before, or perhaps I did something extremely important.  In the beginning of my memory during the dream I remember thinking “I’m going to probably forget what just happened.”  Sadly, I was right.
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