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The Fascist Fruit of Donald Trump

January 12, 2021

I’ve written about Donald Trump a few times in the past and in those posts, I tried to highlight how he clearly was never a conservative and how the…

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The Forest is Already Burning

August 29, 2020

After 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse shot and killed 2 protesters and wounding a third in Kenosha, Wisconsin at a Black Lives Matter protest. I started seeing many different…

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Quitting Facebook

August 20, 2020

The more and more I have chewed on this issue on this the more and more I am convinced this is the correct decision for myself. I caught myself…

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What’s In My Facebook Data?

August 16, 2020

In the spirit of my last blog post, I’m in the process of writing a guide on how to properly quit Facebook and try and replace the services it…

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Facebook Has Already Done What They’re Worried TikTok Will Do

August 11, 2020

TikTok is in the news, Trump is going to ban it and a couple other Chinese apps as well. The Department of Defense and various military branches have banned…