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Pihole Blocklists

August 2, 2020

I’ve been running a pihole with unbound for about a year and I’m VERY happy with it. I haven’t run into any issues where my lists have blocked too much things either. I only needed to whitelist 16 urls after applying.

Other Sources I have found where I went to build my list.
(Helpful collection of ad and tracking list courtesy of u/lightswitch05 on reddit.)
(Great blocklist website of various types of lists depending on what you want to block)
(Giant list via u/PhantomSkyHunt on reddit that aggregates 100+ other lists, might block too much stuff though but fun to try out.)

Here are the lists I use currently tailored to hit everything from tracking to ads, to some adult domains. Currently, it’s blocking about 2,705,000 domains.