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Don’t Tread on Ahmed Mohamed

September 21, 2015

After a highschool freshman in Texas showed his teacher his electronic clock he crafted himself he was detained by police in handcuffs, his requests to see his parents were refused, and allegedly was almost coerced  into writing a false confession by the principal by threatening expulsion.  By allowing the student who is a minor to remain unattended and refusing requests to contact guardians is a violation of his civil rights according to Texas Family Code (PDF).

“A child may not be left unattended in a juvenile processing office and is entitled to be accompanied by the child’s parent, guardian, or other custodian or by the child’s attorney,” -Texas Family Code Section 52.025

This is some good “Don’t Tread On Me” fuel.  The anti-authoritarian small government crowd have to be coming out in droves to protest this abuse of power and illegal treatment of this American citizen, right?  Wrong, once the boy’s name is revealed to be Ahmed Mohamed.  Suddenly these same people who are normally on one side of the fence are now on the other.  Asking about his internet history(which requires a warrant, but they wouldn’t mind some illegal search and seizure in this case I would imagine), skewing the story as if he made it to “Go off in class”, calling the clock a “bomb component” even though it has been more than thoroughly debunked.  If Ahmed was sent to be at Guantanamo tomorrow and you probably still wouldn’t hear a peep from these people who vocally protested NDAA which allows indefinite detentions. I normally rail against people who race bait, but in this specific situation I believe it’s as clear as day. The negative conservative response specifically directed toward Ahmed Mohamed is undoubtedly racially motivated.

What if it was actually a bomb though? Then the Irving Police would have kept Ahmed in custody, charged him with a crime, and this would somehow feel even more justified in their eyes, despite the fact that his civil rights were still violated.

Recently, experts have concluded after closer examination that the clock wasn’t actually “invented” by Ahmed, but was a clock he disassembled and reassembled into his pencil case.  I did a similar thing to my xbox back in 2002.  So Ahmed, a 14 year old embellished or even used the word “invent” liberally and didn’t actually invent a clock from scratch. So this story is basically a kid is not actually a super genius and does what most 14 year olds do (myself included). Normally, this story should now ride off into the sunset and we probably wont hear about it again, right?

Wrong again.  Now that the local police department and school has a legal egg on its face these same small government anti-authoritarians are now questing Ahmed’s motives because of the positive outpouring of support he received.  Along with a tweet of Ahmed smiling with his lawyers, people are now are calling it all a planned hoax as if a 14 year old kid knew the arrest and subsequent media reaction this big was going to be the result.  If I knew that CEOs of companies, MIT, and the president would send out a invites if I got arrested I would have shown up to school with an xbox duct-taped with road flares and would proceed to show everyone as if I was trying to sell candy in a fundraiser.

Even the anti-government conspiracy theorists at Info Wars who normally don’t even trust the government when it comes to the air we breathe outside are completely infatuated with Ahmed’s so called hoax. For just a few minutes, let’s assume that this was all deliberately planned by Ahmed and probably even his father too(Insert generic statement about father’s political career).  It still doesn’t change the fact the police handcuffed a fourteen year old boy and refused to allow him to contact his parents.  Also why didn’t the school administration evacuate the building?  If it was legitimate enough to handcuff the boy, then it’s even more legitimate enough to evacuate the school, because the possibility of being more than one “clock” is a real one.

Even if Ahmed plotted and laid out an “Islamphobia trap” for the administration, they pounced on the bait like a rottweiler on a T-bone steak.  If it was in fact a plan, then his plan specifically outed his school administration, his town mayor, his local police department, and even the widespread “so called” libertarian movement that used to be so consistent with liberty for all as completely poisoned and skewed with entrenched racism.

Even if he maliciously set up everything similar to Gerard Butler in Law Abiding Citizen, I’d still high five the kid as a certified badass that even General Christopher Gadsden would agree with. There is nothing praiseworthy or defensible about how anyone in a position of responsibility handled this situation whatsoever.  It was a textbook example of how to treat a minority in the worst, most lawsuit-inducing manner possible.  Everyone involved with Amhed’s illegal detention treaded all over his rights and they deserve every lawsuit coming to them.  Don’t tread on Ahmed Mohamed.