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November 26, 2013

So just grabbed the reins, but instead of running off to the horizon I want to turn around and throw some big rocks at some of my own posts in order to prevent the creation of an absolute stance that’s being driven by paranoia and obsession.  To remind myself that the world as well as my beliefs on things are not in black and white, as bright or as dark as they seem.

So, Experiences are better than things, and the things that I choose to do, regardless of what they are will impact my life and my character in some way.  However, if one isn’t careful, they’ll end up careening off of a cliff like Thelma and Louise.

Let me step back a little.  Last year for Christmas, I received a gigantic box of books that was practically my entire Amazon wish list, and I think I even put my reading list on the heading of my site.  On January 1st I began to rocket through as much work as possible, when I was on a stationary bike 45min a day, I would be reading, riding home, book on mp3.  During my lifts I would switch from music to lectures or sermons on my iPod.  I almost became obsessed with “not wasting time”, I tried to maximize my constructive ability.

A little over 2 months ago, I decided to stop, and it has been wonderful.

So instead of taking walks, I run, or I do anything that allows me to disconnect my mind temporarily and breathe a little.  The Logan of 10 months ago would be driven mad by the idea, but he doesn’t know any better.  Aristotle, according to legend, would walk around the Lycium Gymnasium in Athens as he expounded on his ideas to the followers that had gathered.  My roommate is an eagle scout, and on Saturdays he’ll get up and just go hiking for hours, I can’t place my finger on why exactly it helps, but it does.  I mean specifically unplugging all of the inputs into your mind, and allowing your mind to finally churn on its own.  Almost as if allowing your creativity loose without a medium to throw it on.

Some days after work and the gym, I’ll sprawl out on my couch and reflect on the day, as well as think about tomorrow.  A mental decompression if you will.

This doesn’t mean I stopped reading, and this doesn’t mean I’ll stop listening to lectures, but I’ve learned more about myself and when it’s appropriate to do that.  Nothing is wrong with doing nothing, nothing in the sense of how I defined it a year ago.  But even when I’m doing “nothing”, I’m at still doing something.  My brain is still chugging along and processing information, but it’s in a different mode.  That mode brings relaxation, relaxation that I have come to find is very necessary.  In fact, I think it’s something we all need.

In this strive to experience wonderful things we naturally indoctrinate ourselves with the idea that our time has to be ‘spent’ wisely, or even spent at all.  Sometimes, you just need to kick back, relax and breath.  Examine everything, your surroundings, you mind, your mood.  I’ve been in crappy moods for what I thought was for no reason, but just took a little bit of mental unfolding to finally identify the issuing festering.


” …the unexamined life is not worth living for a human being.”



You could say that’s what I’ve been doing recently with these posts, trying to account for all the variables, trying to examine myself and my actions that much more.  But this is just the product of doing nothing, of closing my eyes and breathing slowly.  Thanksgiving is coming up and it’s just going to be my brother and my mother, so I’m gonna pour a nice double bock and probably relax in front of the fireplace the whole day.  Things that are pending can be held off just a little longer, and I’m fine with that.

So if you feel as if you’re overwhelmed by all the exterior things that you consume, just disconnect for some time and by some people’s definition, do nothing.  Turn off the music, turn off the TV, put the book down and stare out the window.  Stare at the snowflakes prancing down outside, watch the trees and the wind makes all the branches quiver, allow your mind reference memories that those things can take you to, let go of your mind and see what happens when you do nothing.  It still churns and by allowing it to naturally run through and make all these examinations of the little things, it may just be exactly what you need.


Take care,


-Logan T. Miles

Photo is Her Shyness by AZ Imaging