My iPad is Special

June 4, 2012

My iPad is special to me, and not because it’s from Apple.  Let me explain.

A few weeks ago, my mother brought up the idea of buying me a gift and asked what I wanted.  To be honest, I felt content with everything I had and politely denied having any desire for anything.  I noticed a slight disappointment in her tone when I gave her my response.  I didn’t want to put herself into a financial position of difficulty, but still, she gave off a sense that she was capable of buying something for me.

This past Monday I finally told her I was interested in replacing my laptop with an iPad.  She jumped to the opportunity and bought one for me the next day.  If there’s anything my mother enjoys doing, it’s being generous with her children.  However, in actuality, she couldn’t afford it on her own and she was helped.  Today, in Chick-Fil-A she asked me if I knew where exactly she got the money from.  That question spurred guilt in me as well as spawned the realization that she couldn’t afford it.  I immediately wanted to return the iPad, but she then told me who helped her and I then finally understood how special this little iPad is.

The Following is my best to accurately document the conversation my mother and I had.

“Do you know where I got the money for your iPad?”

“Seth?  Mom, I honestly don’t want this to be a financial strain on you-”

“No no, wait.  Oh no, I’m going to cry here in public.” As tears started to well up in her eyes she continued.  “A year ago, when your grandmother was in hospice back home, she pulled out around four hundred dollars from her dresser and gave it to me.   She told me to make sure it went to your graduation gift before she died.”

My mother had no worries about crying because I was well past her.  For those of you unaware, both of my grandparents weren’t very strong financially. For the last 10 years of both of their lives they lived with my parents.  My grandmother’s gift to me is closely paralleled with the poor widow from Mark 12.  I wish I asked for something a little more beneficial to me than an iPad.  However, that is beside the point.  The point is that my grandmother loved me so very much and wanted to make sure she could give me a gift despite her minuscule finances and failing health.  I wish she was able to  see my graduation, but she still saw almost every one of my football games in college, so there’s no ill feelings to the effects of time.

My iPad is special, because my grandmother helped buy it for me, over a year after she passed away.  I better get used to this thing, because even after the LCD fades, the battery swells up, and the memory burns out, I’ll still keep it.

Even after this iPad is declared useless by functional means, I will still consider it special and I’ll still have it as a reminder to my lovely Grandmother, Mary Ruth Broadway.



Mary Ruth Broadway
(5-15-22 — 2-5-11)