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Thoughts on Kony

March 8, 2012

For those of you up in arms about “KONY 2012” sit back and calm down.  Your sympathy is probably your main motivator and it might push you to ignore some very important variables.   Research both Joseph Kony, the LRA, and even the Uganda People’s Defense Force, who the invisible children organization are backing in a war against Kony.  Did I mention the UPDF soldiers are also accused of rape?  Whoops, sorry I forgot about that.

So, I repeat, calm down.  Before you give your voice to anything, regardless of how noble it seems, do the work and research it to see if it is worthy of your voice.  Research your butt off, acting without thinking is an insult to all the hard work you’ve done academically for the past years of your life,  use your brain.

View this blog, its just looks at KONY 2012 critically. Pertinent questions raised.

Another good blog here:

Check out the Invisible Children’s response to that blog which is very worthy of reading.


I’m not going to deny the fact that there are children that need help, and I wont be able to sleep at night without doing something.  Want me to hang posters?  Sorry, as much as awareness helps, it’s a little too passive for me.  I suggest instead of hanging posters, retweeting tweets, or changing your Facebook photo (which actually seems like the laziest form of compassion possible), how about just give some good hard earned money to the organization. (There’s this thing called indirect and direct benefits, otherwise known as intangible and tangible benefits.  Theres a measurable difference between hanging a poster and donating real money to a cause.)

So give some money, but choose your organization wisely.

One thing I do have an issue with is the Charity Rating of the invisible children  It’s not the best, in fact, it’s awful.

Around only 30% of all the money received actually goes to helping the children.  There are a few other charities (located in central Africa around Uganda) that are much better rated when it comes to their financial allocation.

Children of the Nations



All of these organizations may be better suited for your money.



The whole purpose of this post was a response to so many of my friends posting the KONY 2012 video.  First, I’m curious at how many did any research at all before posting.  What if Invisible children was all a scam?  How much research (aside of the video you just watched) did you do before you concluded that the Invisible Children Organization is a worthy cause?


If you watched the video, did plenty of research, and still wish to help in some way.  Do it, but don’t just do it passively.  Stand up and truly do something more than passing along a video.


The whole purpose of this post was to

1.) Remind everyone not to act purely on emotion, emotion ignores plenty of things.  Emotion opens you up to be manipulated, if someone can manipulate your emotion, they can pretty much convince you to do anything.  This is why pro life videos normally contain pictures of dead babies and why PETA loves showing the video of chickens getting killed at KFC.  Sit back, think, and choose.


2.) If you’re going to act, don’t simply click the share button then forget, ACT!   Maybe there are other good reputable organizations (in places other than Africa) that are worthy causes as well.  Perhaps this could be a reminder that living in your nice warm house in an industrialized country really contrasts with millions of people around the world.  Perhaps this could be the spark that pushes you to help give to multiple organizations all around the world.


The way I look at it is LRA = A      UPDF=B     and the Ugandan people =C.
A is fighting B and B is fighting A. Both sides have abused C either indirectly or directly. Removing A or B will still leave some sort of indirect/direct abuser on C. To truly cleanse uganda, one must remove both A and B, but then D might appear. D could be any other type of oppressive government. Instead of picking a side on A or B, that would only indirectly benefit C.  Pick C and fully maximize the direct benefit on C.


That is all,  feel free to comment.

-Logan Miles