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Dream Journal #7: Tests and Crash Landings

May 24, 2011

I believe a lot of what we dream is regurgitation from the subconscious.  Somethings we experience prior to a dream has a large effect on what is contained in the dream.

I was at Bocktown the evening before and we all destroyed a Yinzer, a 5lb behemoth pile of fries.  That piled with Nacho Beer cheese, bourbon BBQ sauce, and almost a pound of roast beef.

Well after proving the waitress wrong, we finished it, let alone in under 10 minutes.  We couldn’t finish our orders though.
At around 10:30 we were going to go watch the last showing of The adjustment bureau because it was $5 tuesday.
Thanks to the Yinzer we were so miserably full we just decided to go back home to the apartment, we would have passed out during the movie anyway.
As soon as I got back, I felt like I played in a football game.  With my entire body sore, slow to move, I plopped onto the couch around 11:00pm and realized I need some sleep.  I immediately got up, stumbled into my room, took my ZMA and powerfull and I was out like a light.  I felt that I was going to do a little dreaming, but nothing like this.Date: 3/23/11
Lucid: No, then yesI wish there was someway I could remember the entire dream and not just the second half or just before the point of lucidity.  I had the feeling like I experienced deep emotional conversations with someone else before, or perhaps I did something extremely important.  In the beginning of my memory during the dream I remember thinking “I’m going to probably forget what just happened.”  Sadly, I was right.

The earliest part of my memory comes from being back in my old church, not New Stanton, but Greensburg.  I haven’t physically been there in almost 7 years.  I remember the sanctuary was filled with people, I was standing in the foyer with a football coach of mine.  He looked at me and handed me a stack of paper, seemed around 20 pages.  He said, “This is your test. I remember walking into the packed sanctuary, sitting down on the last row, and taking my test.I don’t remember each question, or any questions for that matter, but I remember getting up, walking out, and handing the test back to my coach.It was almost if like my mind fast forwarded or skipped the test, man, how miserable would it be to be dreaming about tests in college?After I handed it to him, I headed upstairs toward the sound booth.  After rounding the corner at the top of the steps I noticed I was back in the foyer.It almost seemed like a paradox, or perhaps I forgot events between when I was upstairs and when I returned to the foyer.

He handed back the test to me and said, “Here’s you test!”  I quickly noticed the paper was covered in red pen marks and there was a huge 65 on the top left corner.  Stubbornly dejected I showed my anger over the test and complained, but I don’t remember why.Now, through all of this I wasn’t lucid, but I just began to notice some of the signs that didn’t make sense in real life.  Why would I be at this old church, why would I be with one of my football coaches, and why would I take a test in the sanctuary?  I now began to gain lucidity.

The first thing I did with my lucidity was place my left thumb over the 65, closed my eyes, opened, and revealed a new 95.I could consider altering a paper with no ink a successful reality check.

I immediately dropped the paper and headed outside.  I was curious how accurate the memories of this old church building actually were if I explored them further.  After I walked out the glass double doors I stepped onto the street and noticed that there weren’t any cars lining the sides of the street that there normally was every time I was there.  I began to walk north down the center of the road examine the building, everything was structurally correct. Bushes, sidewalk, color, roof, except there was a slight difference with the windows, they were all combined into one long window along the side of the building.  One particular instance which surprised me was at the end of the building there was a few spots where the concrete curb is very low to the street level, this was also accurate.

This building is the church, I’m walking down Oakland ave.

After passing the parsonage at the end of the church I turned around and I had the sudden urge to fly again, flying freely is a feeling that a man will only experience in his dreams or in Heaven.  The sensation is like nothing else.

After discussing the previous dreams with my father, he asked me next time I have the ability to fly, to fly over scottdale and try to find our house.  Just curious in what exactly I’d find.  Instead of pulling a manual scene change, I wanted to force myself into flying right here and explore south Greensburg and eventually make it to Scottdale if possible

So, I try to pull a Neo and just jump, no luck, just a regular 25 inch vertical jump.  I concentrate again, jump, and I probably went around 40inches up.  Jump again, and I make it to probably 15 or 16 feet up in the air and I float down slowly(comparable to moon gravity).  I jump one more time and I can see the flat roof of the parsonage, I must’ve made it to at least 35 feet up.  When I land I take off into a sprint south down Oakland avenue and after about 30 feet I jump with all of my might and take off like a jet into the sky heading south.  I was flying only about 150 feet up in the air and I must’ve been flying around 100mph, not too fast because all of my attention was studying the ground.  I saw houses and houses crammed between streets, a bunch of larger buildings, a highway, I was impressed with how realistic it was.  I was flying for about a couple minutes when I noticed there where less and less houses and more and more trees, obviously I’m just leaving the populated area of Greensburg.  A particular anomaly that stands out is this point I remember flying over a park and seeing a dog running around loose.  It looked like a golden retriever or something, but I couldn’t tell because it was so far down. I questioned the relevance.

After flying for a few more minutes I notice a small abandoned building, no biggie, but I notice that I’m actually flying directly toward it.

My heart starts to race as I try to steer my path up, right, left, anywhere away from wrecking into it, but I am dreaming so what’s the worry?  But still, somehow I lost my ability to fly, I couldn’t control an

After I slam through the front glass, It was either an abandoned garage or gas station or something. I quickly dusted myself off and looked at the ceiling,  I noticed the ceiling was cracked so I jumped up and blasted through the ceiling and out of the roof back to flying south again.

A short time after continuing to fly south I notice a large mini mall, I land in the center of the large parking lot that connects them.  It’s completely desolate, I walk around a little bit and I see that they’re not stores, they’re all movie theaters.

And then I wake up.

I can see where my mind pulled the movie theater part from because we skipped going to cinemark the night before.  I also see where my mind pulled the test from, because Ethan talked to me about his INFS test that was completely unreasonable.  However, I think there are some other things at play about this test.

Why on earth was it given to me?

Also, a lot of the other things, including the location of this dream still puzzles me.  That’s all for now.