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1505393_10202108072197786_1125628253_nCurrently, I’m working full time as a Programmer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I recently graduated from Robert Morris University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Information Systems as well as a Master’s of Science in Information Security and Assurance.  I’m currently attending California University of Pennsylvania for a Master’s in Business Administration.

I was born in Granada Hills, California in 1989. About a year after my birth, my family moved to Georgetown, Texas. Those were the best and most treasured memories I have. In 1997, my family moved to Pennsylvania and we’ve bounced around a couple places in the greater Pittsburgh area. I remember assimilating my father’s lengthy activity on the computer when I was younger, I began to grow an interest in the field. I remember when I installed my first video card at 11 and eventually assembled my first computer at 13.
When I was in 6th grade I started playing football when I began to lose interest in all other sports. It stuck, I’ve been playing ever since and eventually gained an athletic scholarship Robert Morris.

Spiritually speaking, I’m a Christian, I’ve been my entire life. Over the years there have been a few views of mine that have changed over the years regarding my faith and I often keep in private.

I have a passion for the arts, literature, photography, cinema, music, etc. I’m currently experimenting with freelance writing, hoping to release a full length novel on the kindle store by summer’s end. Nothing quite beats a good book, because when you read a good story you don’t just observe, you take part, it turns into a journey. Eventually, by the end of the story you take in that story as an experience and it becomes a part of you. I still remember my first journey to Treasure Island and don’t plan on ever forgetting it.

I freelance in web design, graphic design, computer repair, maintenance, modification, software installation, etc.
Thanks for coming and I hope you enjoy my site,

-Logan T. Miles

P.S. Oh if you are interested in my resume, please just send me an email or use the contact form here.